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Eagle Mountain Lock-it Guitar Straps

Paul Raymond – UFO

Paul Raymond of UFO poses with his Vintage V100MRPGM Lemon Drop and the Eagle Mountain Lock-It strap.

Eagle Mountain Lock-it Guitar Straps

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Goodbye strap locks:
an Eagle Mountain Lock-It guitar strap revolution

Leading US-based strap maker Eagle Mountain has introduced a groundbreaking new design that leaves embarrassing (and potentially costly) guitar slips a thing of the past.

Incredibly simple yet astonishingly effective, the EMLI1BK Eagle Mountain Lock-It strap features an innovative strap lock mechanism called Lock-ItTM built in to each end piece.

To fit it, simply pull back the Lock-It tab, attach the strap to the end pieces as normal, and close the tabs. The Lock-It technology then holds the strap tightly round the guitar's strap buttons, preventing the instrument from slipping or falling.

The whole process takes a second, with the added bonus of requiring no guitar modifications whatsoever (unlike with strap locks), and it's all neat and inconspicuous too.

But perhaps the best thing about the Eagle Mountain Lock-It strap is its amazing flexibility. Time after time, hour after hour, gig after gig, it can be pushed, pulled, and twisted to all sorts of ridiculous angles without losing grip.

On top of that, as well as the Lock-It mechanism, the strap is typical Eagle Mountain: strong, durable and great to look at.

Guitarists across the world owe it to themselves – and their instruments – to get themselves an Eagle Mountain Lock-It strap today.

Eagle Mountain Lock-it Guitar Straps

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