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May 2010

JHS Announce Appointment of French Distributor

John Hornby Skewes & Co. Ltd., is delighted to announce the appointment of SAICO S.A. as the exclusive distributor for the JHS guitar brands; Fret-King®, Vintage® and Encore® in the French market, effective May 1st 2010.

SAICO joins an august family of distributors which sell Fret-King, Vintage and Encore in 57 markets worldwide.

Many French dealers are already familiar with the benefits of JHS’ cooperation with industry guitar guru, Trev’ Wilkinson, to bring guitars to the market which are an absolutely unbeatable blend of high specification, great dealer margins and spectacular consumer prices.

The SAICO company based in Colmar is very happy to welcome these guitars in to their program. Managing Director, Serge Abraham said "the sales team of our MUSICO department is really excited to be able offer these fantastic guitars  to all our customers. With over 50 years of experience, and a broad dealer network SAICO are well placed to grow these brands in the French market."

JHS MD, Dennis J Drumm commented; "SAICO and JHS are very much cut from the same cloth, well established family companies that care about their brands and their customers. The SAICO team is also vibrant, progressive, very commercially minded, and has a real affinity for what makes a great guitar, as well as a great deal."

"Trev' Wilkinson and I put so much heart and soul into making certain that our brands have a real reason to be in the market, that anyone from a beginner to an accomplished player can pick our guitars up and be blown away, that it’s vital for us to have a distribution partner in France that has as much passion for our brands as we do, and cares as much about the product as they do the bottom line.

SAICO will be exhibiting Fret-King, Vintage and Encore at the Paris Music Show from November 19th to 22nd, with JHS Managing Director, Dennis Drumm, and designer Trev Wilkinson in attendance.
Further details on SAICO S.A.: www.saico.fr or www.lazonedumusicien.com
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