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Diago Pedalboards

Professional Pedal Boards

A Diago pedal board is the most convenient way to organise, protect and transport your effects pedals.

It combines a pedal board and hard case in one which is both lightweight and roadworthy.

Ideal for transporting your gear between gigs and practices, making set-up and take-down quick and hassle-free, it's also convenient for storing your pedals at home.

Undo the catches, remove the lid, plug in your guitar,
amp and power supply and you're ready to rock and roll. Easy!



Diago Tourman Pedalboard
Diago Little Smasher Back

LS01 £79.99
Diago 'Little Smasher' 5W Guitar Amp Head

Featuring Gain and Volume controls, along with a 2-band active EQ with a massive 15dB boost and 30dB cut available on both the Bass and Treble controls, the Little Smasher's four analogue modelled cascading gain stages provide a range of tones, from chimey clean to plexi-esque rock crunch. It's designed to work especially well with pedals up front if you need to push it further or want multiple channels.

Now, 5 watts of power may not sound like much, but the Little Smasher is a diminutive little beast that can easily drive a wide range of cabinets. It'll sound great with a 4x12", and it's also surprisingly loud - you'll have no problem annoying the neighbours with the Little Smasher.

The idea of having a portable amp in a pedal board (check out Diago's top-notch Gigman, Showman and Tourman pedalboard range at www.diago.co.uk) alongside other effects is a great concept, and with the Little Smasher, Diago have conceived a real quality piece of kit.

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• 5-Watt Portable Guitar Amp Head.
• Controls – Gain / Volume / Bass / Treble.
• Compact (600g – 120 x 43 x 86mm) – pedal-sized solution that can be velcroed to your pedal board.
• 4 to 16 ohms output impedance – can be used with any cabinet.
• 2-band active EQ – +15dB/-30dB, offering more tonal range than 3-band passive EQ.
• Powered on standard 9V DC @ 600mA.
• Very tough – 2mm fabricated carbon steel construction, durable and shock resistant.
• Includes – Little Smasher, power supply, manual, Velcro and rubber foot pad.


Diago Pedalboards


Pedalboard Features
1/2” plywood panel construction
Heavy duty fabric covering
Heavy duty catches with lock ring
Through-bolted handle
Armour protected corners
Non-slip feet
Quick-release hinges
Detachable foam padded lid
Low-profile pedal board base
Velcro® loop covered base
Velcro® hook tape included

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Diago Tourman Pedalboard

PB04 £184.99
This pedal board is the one for you if you use a number of pedals from full size wah wahs and volume pedals, to larger 18v-type units such as the MXR Stereo Chorus.

Ideal for the session player or multi-band musician.

• Internal Width – 1020mm/40"
• Internal Depth – 450mm/17.75"
• Internal Height – 100mm/4"
• Holds Approx Pedals – Approx up to 30
• Weight – 10kg
• Velcro Included – 4m/13'

For more information please visit: www.diago.co.uk



Diago Showman Pedalboard

PB03 £152.99
This mid-sized case offers an ideal compromise between physical size and internal capacity, with room for your most-used pedals and a power supply unit.

• Internal Width – 750mm/29.5"
• Internal Depth – 350mm/13.75"
• Internal Height – 100mm/4"
• Holds Approx Pedals – Approx up to 12-16
• Weight – 7kg
• Velcro Included – 3m/10'

For more information please visit: www.diago.co.uk


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Diago Gigman Pedalboard

PB02 £121.99
This compact pedal board is easily portable, capable of carrying your ‘most vital’ pedals with power supply - also ideal to have as ‘back up’ for your larger pedal board!

• Internal Width – 600mm/23.5"
• Internal Depth – 300mm/11.75"
• Internal Height – 85mm/3.25"
• Holds Approx Pedals – Approx up to 8-10
• Weight – 4kg
• Velcro Included – 2m/6'

For more information please visit: www.diago.co.uk


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Diago Commuter Pedalboard

PB08 £66.99
There are times when a hardcase pedalboard just isn't practical. You might be travelling on foot, or on the underground/metro, swinging by for a quick practice after work, or playing an acoustic set where you just need a few pedals. The Diago Commuter is an ultra-portable and lightweight alternative to our hardcase pedalboards.

Stomp with confidence.
The Commuter features a 12mm thick HDF board, with a tough, satin black coating for years of use on the road. We added 6 rubber pads, for high rigidity and to distribute weight evenly for a sturdy, solid feel. Nobody wants their board to bend when they step on a pedal.

Can you handle it?
There's a built-in handle, machined right into the HDF board, for pulling the board out the case and carrying it about on stage. But if you don't need the handle, just stick your pedals over it - the Velcro goes right to the edge.
For more information please visit: www.diago.co.uk

Diago Commuter Pedalboard

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Diago Sprinter Pedalboard

PB11 £39.99
The Sprinter is a small ultra-portable pedal board with a tough, light-weight soft case. It is designed for when travelling light or when space is at a premium such as fly gigs, practising or low key events.

The board is large enough to hold up to four standard sized pedals or six micro pedals, plus a compact power supply. Like its bigger brother the Commuter, it is machined from HDF for low weight and high rigidity and has six large flat rubber pads on the bottom to give a low profile platform with great stability. The entire top surface is covered in looped pedal carpet material so that your pedals can be put exactly where you want them and that they stay firmly attached.

The bag is made from tough nylon and padded all over with a resilient EPE interlayer, with a zip going down 3 edges to give easy access to your board and is big enough to accommodate the board and most pedals.

It has an integrated carry handle and a removable, adjustable shoulder strap to make carrying comfortable and easy, and also comes with a 2 metre roll of velcro for your pedals, so there should be plenty to re-do your board a number of times. There's also a lightweight flap pocket on the inside that can be used to hold strings, picks or other small accessories.

• Construction – 12mm CNC routered HDF (High Density Fibreboard)
• 6 x large low profile rubber feet
• Entire top surface covered in strong velcro carpet/loop material
• Dimensions – 390 x 160mm
• Will hold a single row of around 4 x standard sized pedals / 6 x micro sized pedals plus Diago power supply

• Construction – 800D Nylon outside, 210D Nylon inside, EPE interlayer, same as the PB08 Commuter
• Dimensions (internal) – 400 x 170 x 90mm
• Has a flap pocket on the inside
• Has a hand grip and detachable shoulder strap
• Includes 2m of 25mm wide adhesive backed velcro hook material

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For more information please visit: www.diago.co.uk

Diago Commuter Pedalboard

Diago Pedal Riser Diago Pedal Riser

PB10 £6.49
Lift a single effects pedal, or your entire back row.
We spent about a year (yes, a year!) working out the best way to solve the common problem of raising your back row of pedals. It's been the subject of many email conversations with customers and after a multitude of design revisions (some more elaborate than others) the simplest design came out on top.

The Diago Pedal Riser is made from 2mm formed steel with a black powdercoat, wrapped in the very same pedal carpet that appears on our pedalboards. They're super grippy (we picked up a loaded Showman board with just one) and they effectively stop you from kicking the knobs on your front row of pedals.

For more information please visit: www.diago.co.uk 

Diago Pedalboards
Diago Self-Adhesive Pedal Hook Tape
(w/Euro Slot Header Card)

PB09 £3.69
Two metres of our super-grippy pedal tape. Width: 25mm.
(Note: Velcro is supplied with each pedalboard.)

Diago Twistlocks ~ Straplocks Diago Pedal Riser
GH01-B £5.37
GH01-C £5.37
GH02-B £3.76
Die-Cast Black
GH01-C £3.76
Die-Cast Chrome

TWISTLOCKS STRAPLOCKS 1 set includes: foam washers, 4 screws and 2 locks.

Diago Powerstation

PS01 £84.99
This is the ULTIMATE pedal board power supply.

It will power up to 30* pedals without noise or hum!

Powering multiple effects pedals has long been a problem – cheaper pedal power supplies often feature under-rated, unregulated, poorly filtered designs that pollute the guitar signal with extraneous noise and hum.

The Diago Powerstation uses digital switch mode technology, making it quiet, light,
efficient and small – perfect for a reliable, no-fuss pedal power supply!

It also works worldwide!

*with additional daisy chains – one supplied

For more information please visit: www.diago.co.uk


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Diago Micropower9
PS10 £33.99

The Diago Micropower9 is a smaller version of the Powerstation.

Using the same low-noise digital technology as its bigger brother, the Micropower9 is perfect as a direct universal replacement for hundreds of other proprietary bulky and ugly wall warts, as well as being ideal for smaller pedal boards of up to 6 pedals.

The Diago Micropower9 uses digital switch mode technology, making it quiet, light, efficient and tiny, reliably powering your pedal(s) so you can concentrate on making music.

For more information please visit: www.diago.co.uk

Output: 9V DC @ 1,000 mA (9W)
Input: 90-264VAC @ 50-60Hz
Efficiency: 80%
Line Regulation: ±0.5% max
Load Regulation: ±1% max
Mains Cable Inlet: 2m Figure 8 Lead IEC320-C8
Output Barrel: 2.1 x 5.5 x 12mm female barrel, centre-ve
Dimensions: 72mm (L) x 47mm (W) x 27mm (D)
Protection: Short circuit, overload and over voltage protection
Operating Temperature: 0°C to +40°C
Storage Temperature: -40°C to +85°C
Approval: CE, UL, cUL, TUV, CB, BSMI, RoHS and WEEE
Weight: 70g
Benefits of a Diago Micropower9:
• It's tidy – the inline, laptop style design is much less annoying than a wall wart.
• It's versatile – compatible with over 90% of effects pedals.
• It's powerful – 1,000mA available.
• It's quiet – studio quality components deliver clean and fully regulated power.
• It's practical – very small, lightweight and tough.
• It works worldwide – using automatic voltage and frequency sensing circuitry.
• It's intelligent – short circuit protection means that you or your pedals won't fry.
• It's safe – meets all national and international safety regulations.

Diago Pedalboards

Diago 18v Adaptor
PS08 £15.99
18V Adaptor
Converts 9V DC to 18V DC to power most 18V DC pedals.

Diago Isolator/adapter
PS09 £27.99
Isolator Adaptor
Converts 9V to another isolated 9V to power many digital pedals which are noisy otherwise.

PS11 £15.99
Positive Ground Adaptor

Converts 9V with negative ground (normal) to 9V with positive ground to power almost all Germanium transistor fuzzes/ overdrives/ treble boosters/ octaves.

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Solderless Patch Cable System
The Diago Patchfactory allows you to build custom length patch cables, without additional tools or specialist skills. Anybody can build a flawless cable.
Strong, reliable connections.
Custom-length patch cables allow you to lay out your pedalboard exactly how you want. No longer will you be constrained by the discrete lengths your local store stocks. If you need it just 1cm longer, consider it done.
Diago Cables
Strong, reliable connections.

Other solderless cable designs suffer from poor reliability for two reasons:

1. Other screw-on caps use a coarse imperial thread. We calculated that by using fine metric thread instead, the same amount of force will tighten the cap more.

2. Finger-tightening, even with a knurled cap is simply not sufficient to make a reliable cable. We have machined a coin slot into each of our caps, allowing you to apply several times more force, resulting in a tighter fit. Using a coin means you can assemble a reliable cable without any additional tools wherever you are. Better still, the slot will fit almost all international coins. We don't recommend using plectrums - even the thickest ones just don't have the rigidity of a metal coin.

Simplicity in design.

Our design does not use loose parts or additional screws to make the all-important electrical connections - that's something else to go wrong. Instead, our positive signal/tip connection is made by a sharp pin at the centre of the plug, which makes contact with the central multi-strand wires of the cable. The ground/earth connection is made by a sharp edge on the inside of the cap, which cuts through the polyurethane sheath and makes contact with the cable's 96-strand shield.

Don't worry, it cannot cut too much or too little - this cable was designed in-house here at Diago, and so fits perfectly with our solderless plugs. As long as you follow our assembly instructions, a reliable connection will be made.


Diago Cables

Easy assembly.

We have ensured that our solderless cable system is as easy as possible to assemble, whilst retaining maximum reliability. The Patchfactory Kit includes everything you need to put together 10 perfect cables (minus the coin to tighten it with). It even includes a small cable cutter.

Check out the Assembly Instructions and Demonstration Video in the next tab - you'll see just how easy it is.


The Diago Patchfactory system uses our own cable, designed in-house in the UK. It has a super-low capacitance of 30pF/ft (approx. 100pF/m) to prevent the treble roll-off caused by the high capacitance of poor quality cables.

"No gold-plated plugs?"
The only advantage gold-plated connectors could offer is prolonged resistance to tarnishing & corrosion, since gold is a fairly unreactive metal. However, a principal called Galvanic Corrosion tells us that when two metals that are not the same are in contact, the rate of corrosion actually increases. Since all 1/4" input/output jacks are nickel plated, using a gold connector may actually reduce the life of the jacks in your pedals. It's for this reason that we use nickel-plated plugs.

Diago Cables

Low profile. Less-fuss.

We designed our patch plug heads to be as discrete as possible so you can get your pedals close together and keep your board looking sleek, tidy and professional.

Better still, if you stagger your pedals, or if you're using pedals with different input/output locations, you can pack in your pedals even more tightly.

Diago Cables
Small cable diameter, same beautiful sound quality.

Arrange your complex cable routing more precisely - round tighter corners and through smaller gaps - for the best pedalboard layout you've ever had.

Most instrument cables have a similar centre construction, just with thicker rubber. This does nothing but waste space, so we've reduced the amount of rubber wrapped around our cables, for a slimmer, more space-efficient product.

Diago Cables

This kit provides everything you need to build 5 perfect patch cables, and is the best starting point if you want to move your rig over to the Diago Patchfactory patch cable system.

PF01 £69.99
Patchfactory Patch Cable & Plug Kit
Diago Angled Patch Plugs

Don’t want to buy a whole kit? Purchase just a pair of plugs, and whatever length of cable.
• 2 x Solderless 1/4” Angled Patch Plugs
PF02 £11.49
Diago Angled Patch Cable Plugs – Pair

Buy our Patchfactory plugs in bulk, to be sold loose in stores. Buy as few or as many as you need.
• Any number of Solderless 1/4” Angled Patch Plugs
PF03 £5.49
Diago Bulk Loose Angled Patch Plugs


A generous length of Patchfactory cable, to top up your kit.
• 1.5m (5ft) of Cable
PF04 £7.49
Diago 5ft Cable


We’ve printed a marker every 30cm (1ft) down the length of our cable, for easy measuring in the shop.
Buy as much or as little as you need.
• Any length of Cable
PF02 £4.99 per Metre Diago Cable on a Reel
PF05-75 4.79 per Metre Diago Cable on a Reel

A selection of power connection adapters is also available to suit most pedal types.

PS02 £12.99 Daisy Chain
6 x centre-negative 2.1mm barrel plugs.
Power even more pedals from a single
Powerstation or Micropower9 by adding
another Daisy Chain. Rated up to 3000mA.

PS03 £6.79 Green Adaptor
Centre positive, 2.5mm barrel plug

PS04 £6.79 Blue Adaptor
Positive tip, 3.5mm mini jack plug

PS05 £6.79 Red Adaptor
Centre positive, 2.1mm barrel plug

PS06 £6.79 White Adaptor
9V battery snap connector

PS07 £6.79 Black Adaptor
30cm extension lead for daisy chain

For more information please visit: www.diago.co.uk
  Diago Daisy Chain
Diago Cables

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