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Fishman Transducers

Get ready to be heard the way you should. Fishman products are designed to provide players with the best and most natural amplified tone available. Among serious players, from the world's most prominent performers to the Next Big Thing, Fishman is the recognised brand of choice in acoustic amplification solutions.

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Fishman Acoustic Amplification

Fishman Acoustic Amplification

Fishman Aura Pedals

Jerry Douglas Signature Series Pedal
• 16 custom Fishman Aura Images created and used by Jerry Douglas specifically for resophonic guitars
• Volume, Blend, and Image Select controls
• Feedback-fighting Phase switch
• Bypass/Mute foot switch
• Input Trim with Clip/Low Battery indicator
• Runs on 9V battery or power adapter
• 24 bit A/D/A; 32 bit internal processing
• All metal construction

PRO-AIP-JD1 Jerry Douglas Signature Series Pedal – £379.00

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Fishman Aura Pedals

Spectrum DI Pedal

• Award-winning Aura® Acoustic Imaging
• 128 pre-loaded Images for use with the most
popular acoustic instruments
• Instrument Preamp with Balanced XLR D.I. out
• Volume, Blend, and Image Select controls
• Three band EQ
• One-knob compressor
• Automatic anti-feedback with up to 3 notches
• Built-in chromatic tuner with bypass/mute
• 16 user-configurable Image locations
• USB interface for Image downloading from
• Aura Image Gallery (software included)
• Feedback-fighting Phase switch
• Automatic D.I. Ground Lift
• 9-Volt Battery or optional adaptor operation

PRO-AUR-SPC Aura Spectrum DI Pedal – £429.00

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Fishman Aura Pedals
Guitarist Magazine - Guitarist Choice

Sixteen Programmable Imaging Pedal
• 16 pre-loaded dreadnought guitar Images
• Volume, Blend and Image select controls
• USB interface for Image downloading
• Feedback-fighting Phase switch
• Bypass/Mute footswitch, input trim
• Clip/low battery indicator
• Aura Image Gallery CD & USB cable included

PRO-AIP-P16 Aura Sixteen Imaging Pedal – £325.00

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Fishman Fission Bass Powerchord  Pedals

Fishman Endorser - Bootsy Collins
Bootsy Collins

Fission Bass Powerchord Pedal
• Creates stacked harmonies above the root note:
• Octave up
• Octave & 5th up
• 4th & Octave up
• Octave up, 5th up & 2nd octave up Unique footswitch LEDs let you ‘see’ the harmony before you kick it on
• Noise Gate control
• Overdrive control
• Tone control
• Effect Level control
• 4.7”L x 7.4”W x 2.1”H
• 9-Volt battery or adaptor
(compatible with Fishman 910-R power supply)
• Battery Life: 27 hours

• Single 1/4 inch input with trim control
accepts active or passive instruments.
• 1/4” Mix Output
• 1/4” Effect Output
• 24 bit A/D/A
• 32-bit processing
• Durable all-metal construction

PRO-FSN-BAS Fission Bass Powerchord Pedal – £359.00

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