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JHS Hornby C Descant RecorderS 200H, 300H, 500H
JHS Hornby Recorders

The JHS HORNBY range of student recorders has been popular with schools and colleges throughout the land for many years. These instruments match perfectly for ensemble work and are extremely affordable for both the private student and education authorities.

Manufactured from high quality plastics and ABS resin on the 500H and above, each recorder has air tight double sleeve joints ensuring exact tuning throughout the tonal range and ease of play.

100H JHS Hornby Descant Recorder £5.59
Cream coloured mouthpiece and ring joint. Brown plastic body.
Case. 1pc construction.
200H JHS Hornby C Descant Recorder £6.79
Cream coloured mouthpiece and ring joint.
Brown plastic body. Case. Joint Grease. 2pc construction.
300H JHS Hornby C Descant Recorder £7.89
Cream coloured mouthpiece, ring joint and end piece.
Brown plastic body. Case. Joint Grease. 3pc construction.
500H JHS Hornby C Descant Recorder £11.29
Cream coloured mouthpiece, ring joints and end piece.
Brown ABS body. Case. Joint Grease. 3pc construction.

JHS Hornby F Treble Recorder 700H
JHS Hornby C Tenor Recorder 800H
JHS Hornby Bass Recorder 900H
JHS Hornby
F Treble Recorder
JHS Hornby
C Tenor Recorder
JHS Hornby
Bass Recorder

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JHS Hornby Recorders - C Descant Recorder Pack JHS Hornby Recorders

200HPK 'C' Descant Recorder Pack
Comprising ‘Recorder from the Beginning’ TU50 booklet and the 200H 'C' Descant Recorder.

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JHS Hornby Transparent Recorders JHS Hornby Recorders

RP5 Clear' C' Descant Recorders
Choose a pack of 5 JHS ‘C’ Descant recorders
in Transparent Red, Purple, Yellow, Green
and Blue colours. These attractive recorder packs
help keep the fun factor high while learning the instrument.

Robust two-piece moulded plastic bodies, and each Recorder Pack includes cleaning rods and a notation chart.

£5.99 each

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JHS Hornby Transparent Recorders JHS Hornby Recorders

TU50 Recorder Tutor
This hugely successful ‘Recorder from the Beginning’ teaching scheme has a straightforward, easy-to-follow approach with an attractive collection of well-known and original tunes. Especially written for the beginner.

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Acme Whistles & Calls


ACME have been producing whistles and authentic bird calls for SINCE 1870 and have a reputation second to none.

Acme products are used throughout the world; from school and orchestra use, to football match referees, concert and carnival goers and ornithologists.

Acme Samba Whistle 475

Acme Silver Mardi Gras Samba Whistle

Has a very loud and distinctly piercing tone! Comes complete with
multicolour fabric lanyard so you don't lose it during the festivities!


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Acme Samba Whistle 475 Acme Train Whistle 534 Acme Siren Horn – Large 451
Acme Samba Whistle
Producing long rolling sounds with great
variation. Really create that carnival atmosphere.
Acme Train Whistle
With triple tone simulating an American type locomotive.
Acme Siren Horn – Large
With a 7” bell piece which produces a loud and
piercing sound, variable according to breathe strength.

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Acme Thunderer Whistle – Small 60 1/2 Acme Thunderer Whistle – Large 58 1/2 Acme Cuckoo Call 446
60 1/2
58 1/2
Thunderer Whistle – Small
World famous for its high
volume and far reaching penetration and ease of blowing. High pitched.
Thunderer Whistle – Large
with brass nickel plated body with
medium tone, high volume and far reaching penetration.
Cuckoo Call
Handmade with authentic
cuckoo birdcall.

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Acme Dove & Pigeon Call 500 Acme Duck Call 572 Acme Siren Whistle 147 Acme Slide Whistle 472
Dove & Pigeon Call
With authentic
bird call sound.
Acme Duck Call
Which is hand made and produces authentic duck,
teal and widgeon calls.
Acme Siren Whistle
With brass nickel plated bell and shrill
penetrating whistle.
Acme Slide Whistle
Providing a range of effects with a scale of just over one octave.

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Acme Nightingale Call 499 Acme Cow & Rook Call 259 Acme Curlew & Peewit Call 553
Nightingale Call
Hand made authentic sound.
Crow & Rook Call
With authentic sound.
Curlew & Peewit Call
Durable and exacting sound.

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One old favourite instrument that’s always been around is the kazoo. That’s because anyone can play one – if you can hum, you can kazoo! As well as being a favourite instrument for one-man-band buskers with a kazoo stuck in the old harmonica harness, it’s also been involved on a ground breaking piece of psychedelic music.

Don’t believe me? OK, check out the intro to the great 60’s song, ‘Crosstown Traffic’ – none other than
Jimi Hendrix there blasting out the riff on guitar and kazoo! Minimal cost, maximum fun!
And if it was good enough for Jimi...

So grab a Trophy kazoo, whether you get super-creative like Jimi or just have a laugh going,
‘toot toot te toot toot’!
Trophy Metal Submarine Kazoos  
Trophy Metal Submarine Kazoos
Trophy Plastic Kazoos
£3.19 each
£1.59 each

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'The Blues' Harmonica Display
A wonderful range of harmonicas covering most common keys. 10 holes and 10 reeds.
Supplied with plastic carrying case.
'The Blues'
Harmonica – C
'The Blues'
Harmonica – D
'The Blues'
Harmonica – G
'The Blues'
Harmonica – A

'The Blues'
Harmonica – B
'The Blues'
Harmonica – Bb
'The Blues'
Harmonica – E
'The Blues'
Harmonica – F

‘The Blues’ Harmonica Pop Display.
Includes 28 Mixed Harmonicas.

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