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A range of electric, acoustic, electro-acoustic and classical, from top manufacturers such as Fret-King, Vintage, Italia, DiVill by Italia, Danelectro, Encore, Pilgrim, Manuel Rodriguez, Santos Martinez, Falcon, Palma, The Beano, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and SpongeBob SquarePants.

Guitar Accessories
They're all here – effects pedals, cases, capos and bottlenecks, machine heads, pickups, EQ's, straps and strings.
Choose from makes such as Kinsman, Guitar Tech, Wilkinson, Encore, Shubb, Kyser, Fishman, Asterope by Fishman, EPM, Danelectro, Jim Dunlop, Xvive, Sharkfin, Dava, Seiko, Snark, Qwik Tune, Qwik Time, Wittner, String Swing, Perri's, Eagle Mountain, Grover and Augustine.

Case & Bags
A comprehensive and diverse range of cases and bags from Kinsman are available for many instruments, from durable, tough shell flightcases with luxuriously padded, dedicated-shape interiors, to convenient, general-purpose instrument gig bags for everything from brass to bongos.

Stands, Hangers & Music Lights
If you’ve just propped your valuable instrument against an amp between songs, it’s at risk of being knocked over and badly damaged-especially in crowded rehearsal spaces or on a cramped stage. Don’t risk it, be safe with a proper instrument stand from our impressive catalogue range. Also includes a top selection of mic and speaker stands.

String Swing products, suitable for shop display, studio, school, home and live performance use and are available for slatwall, wall, floor, stand and equipment fitting.

No more playing your music in the dark... 'Let there be light!', with a fantastic range of music lights from Mighty Bright®. Great for use in dark clubs, mixing desks, orchestras and even book readers!

A fine selection of amps, heads, combos, PA systems, stands, cables, microphones, headphones and power supplies. By leading makes such as Hughes & Kettner, Kinsman, Fishman, Italia, Diago and Danelectro.

Pro Audio Equipment
Check what’s available with the fastest growing name in pro audio today, HK AUDIO.
With a comprehensive range of multi-level PA components and systems, from club to top-level outdoor flown rigs, let HK Audio provide the ideal solution for all your pro audio problems.

The UK-manufactured LA Audio range brings fresh thinking to every application, adding functionality, reducing complexity and optimising sound quality throughout. Designed for sound reinforcement, fixed install and studio applications.

Lab.gruppen power amplification, Boundary-breaking sound reinforcement products for the professional audio industry. With their unique switch mode and other patented technologies, they work towards providing high-quality power amplifiers and peripheral audio devices that are utterly reliable and sonically superior.

Lewitt, founded in 2008, stands for high-performance microphones designed to deliver unaltered, authentic sound
for memorable recordings and live applications. The technical expertise and design talents of Lewitt CEO Roman
Perschon, the Austrian research and development team and the company’s own production facility in China enable
Lewitt to offer a full range of professional microphones setting new benchmarks in terms of innovation, sound quality
and ease-of-use both in the studio and onstage.

Cymatic Audio is an exciting new brand offering stand–alone Direct to USB recording to Thumb* and Hard drives.
16 Insert-style TRS connections are hard wired, which means there is never the need to arm tracks or assign any channels. The unit is always recording 16 discrete wave files at 16/24 bit/44.1-48kHz and elegantly auto names the tracks and take folders. You simply connect, hit record and you are done.


Make a real impact with drum kits and hardware, cymbals, hand percussion instruments, practice pads, drum heads and drum sticks. Only the finest from PP Drums, Regal Tip, Rhythm Tech, Softapads, Firestix, Fireballz, Thunder Tubes, BeadBrain Shakers, Boomwhackers and more.

Violin Family
The top-selling, critically-acclaimed Antoni violin family range includes violins, cellos and double basses, available in a number of sizes and specifications.

Brass & Woodwind
The Odyssey Premiere and Debut ranges include soprano, alto and tenor saxophones, trumpet, cornet, flute and clarinet outfits.

Odyssey swabs, brushes, care kits, lyres and mouthpieces, Holton lubricant for brass instruments, Odyssey brass and woodwind care kits, plus String Swing brass and woodwind instrument holders.
Angel Melodyhorn blow keyboards are ideal instruments for school use, solo playing or ensemble work.

Educational Instruments

Performance Percussion offers a wide range of percussive instruments and effects, with schools ‘selection packages’. Angel xylophones, glockenspiels, metallophones and melodyhorn blow keyboards. JHS Hornby student recorder range, Feadóg Irish whistles, Acme whistles and calls, JHS stands, harmonicas, guitar instruction video/DVD and book tutors.

lineThe following JHS proprietary brands are distributed worldwide:
Fret-King, Vintage, Pilgrim, Laka, Encore, Falcon, Palma, Santos Martinez, Kinsman, JHS, Guitar Tech, PP Drums, Drum Tech, Antoni, Odyssey, JHS Hornby, The Blues and The Busker.

The following JHS non-proprietary brands are distributed worldwide:
Mighty Bright, String Swing, Wittner, Eagle Mountain, Grover, Dava, Sharkfin, Daigo, Softapads, Acme and Feadóg.

All products contained within the JHS website are available throughout the United Kingdom and Eire
from all good music stores.

Please note, as trade only distributors we do not sell direct to the general public.

Specifications, colours and pricing are subject to change without prior notice.

Please contact your local music store. If you experience any difficulty in obtaining the products you require please contact us at webinfo@jhs.co.uk Please include your name, address and postcode.