Adam Ward

  • Biometrix / The Savoir~Faire / Session Guitarist

“My Fret-king Black Label ‘JD’ is one of the most versatile guitars I have ever played. Its tone is second to none, allowing me to play a huge variety of genres and delivers professional sounding results.”

About Adam Ward

​Adam Ward is a session guitarist and guitar tutor based near Kingston-Upon-Thames, London. 

Having played guitar since the age of 13 and going on to study Music at Degree Level at Huddersfield University, Adam is now a professional guitarist with vast experience in performance at all levels- Weddings, Parties and Corporate events to Live on the BBC and in front of audiences of up to 5000 people.

Hi expereince in performing many genres has allowed him to be flexible in his playing style, and adapt to different musical situations. 

In addition to performing, he also teaches guitar from beginner level to advanced players. 

Adam currently plays with rapper Savvy in his Yorkshire based band The Savoir-Faire, a ten piece Hip Hop outfit who take influences from a wide variety of genres. The Savoir-Faire are signed to Saving Grace Music and have collaborated with artists such as Bloc Party and Athlete. 

Adam also pLays with DnB, Dubstep and house band biometrix who can be seen performing across the country.