Aled Clifford

  • Henry's Funeral Shoe

Photo Credit: Foto Grafia

About Aled Clifford

Henry's Funeral Shoe was formed by two brothers in 2008 from South Wales, inspired and influenced by many of the albums that singer/guitarist Aled Clifford had looted from his father's vinyl collection when he was growing up.

Aled Clifford – Henry's Funeral Shoe Photos by Nicolas Donnet

Photos by Nicolas Donnet

The Who, CCR, Peter Green, Robert Johnson and the Beatles were favourites, and Aled quickly became a gifted guitar player, aided and taught by Ned Edwards, a long time collaborator of Van Morrison. Aled soon played with various bands, eventually doing some recording sessions for producer Ian Grimble, and even recording at the legendary Abbey Road studios. His younger brother Brennig started playing drums at nine. At fifteen he joined a local band, learning his trade by performing covers of The Clash and Thin Lizzy before moving on to writing original material.

Aled Clifford – Photo by Peter Lee

Photo by Peter Lee

The dexterous brothers have finally joined forces to create some of the loudest soulful rock'n'roll to come out the UK in a long time. Their debut album "Everything's For Sale" is a fun and raucous mix of heavy rock and psychedelic blues which reminds us that the U.K can produce more than great pop music, but also some amazing rock'n'roll. Don't lose the rhythm!