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"I finally found what I was looking for in the Vintage series..."
Photo Credit: Krister Göransson

About Anders Rönnblom

Their bull-headed approach and never say die attitude landed them shows all over the world from the Red Square in Moscow to some of the biggest festivals in Europe with the biggest artists. Unfortunately. Destiny interveaned. Management disputes, Production company rip-offs, basic music biz crap, left the band with a bitter taste in their mouths. Killer Bee took a break, a break that would last 15 years and refuel the engines that propelled Killer Bee into action way back then...

Killer Bee

 – The release of "Almost There" was a self proclaimed salute to days gone by. A chance for the listener to hear a compilation of songs that best represented them from their earlier releases. This Cd opened the eyes of past fans and sparked a new driving force which led the two towards this new era of KILLER BEE. 
2012 – "From Hell and Back" a suitably titled comeback album was released throughout Europe and across the web. Well received with a positive response, the album was followed by no less than 5 videos to the songs All Night Long, Step Into My World, I Believe, Footprints In The Sand and finally From Hell and Back . The videos distributed online received an enormous near 1,000,000 combined hits 
2013 – One year later hot on the heals of From Hell and Back, KILLER BEE once again delivered a new kick-ass Album - "Evolutionary Children" followed by the videos "Children Of The Evolution" and "Scream It".
Once again the band received great response around the world. 
2015 – The official launch of the KILLER BEE in North America with the release of "Rock another Day" and the addition of guitar legend Paul "Tonka" Chapman (Formerly of UFO, Skid Row, Lone Star etc.) KILLER BEE embarked on a 9 week tour of North America taking them across the continent playing a total of 40 cities in 35 states and parts of Canada. As 2015 winds down KILLER BEE are currently in Sweden putting the finishing touches on their newest record with expectations of a release in early 2016. 
2016 – The band released EYE IN THE SKY that recieved great reviews around the world

2017  KILLER BEE went out on a two week UK tour in March with Swedish BONAFIDE and the Aussie chicks TEQUILA MOCKINGBYRD. Later this year on August 12, KILLER BEE will be playing the SIERRA VIEW MUSIC FESTIVAL in Oakdale California alongside with QUEENSRYCHE, WARRANT and THE BULLETBOYS.. another epic Rock show for the Bees.

 The road that lies ahead is wide open and that's where you will find KILLER BEE.

Wide open, full throttled pedal to the metal rocking in a city near you.