Bart Dietvorst

  • Session Player / Teacher

"The Black Magick is a superb sounding classic tube amp suitable for all kinds of genres."

About Bart Dietvorst

Bart Dietvorst is a guitarist, teacher, session musician, composer and demonstrator based in the Netherlands. He has played lots of clubs and festivals in the Netherlands and Belgium and contributed to numerous recordings as a guitarist and composer. Bart studied guitar at the conservatories of both Tilburg and Rotterdam and graduated Cum Laude. He is well at home in various genres, ranging from pop and rock to country and Americana etc.

He is currently using the Supro Black Magick amplifier with Supro pedals and demonstrating them across Benelux. Bart on the Black Magick amplifier: "The Black Magick is a superb sounding classic tube amp suitable for all kinds of genres. The controls are balanced really well and your guitar stands out in the mix beautifully. It sounds great on it's own but also takes pedals well".