Ben Smith

  • Guitarist

About Ben Smith

Ben started playing the guitar when he was nine years old. He actually wanted to play the banjo, but due to the lack of banjo teachers in rural Hertfordshire he started to learn the guitar, with the intention of switching to the banjo at a later date. That still hasn't happened... Shortly after starting to play he was introduced to the sounds of B.B King, and never looked back. With a style that is influenced by the greats of the blues, funk, folk and beyond, Ben plays a pretty mean acoustic or electric guitar, and has a big voice to match.

After years playing many gigs and sessions in many styles, with many different bands and people, Ben was inspired by a 3 month stay in New Orleans, (where he got a chance to play with a host of internationally renowned musicians.) to go out on his own, (or at least under his own name) with a fluctuating line up of co-conspirators, including some old faces and some new ones. He's also finally getting round to doing some solo gigs.

Things are going pretty well, Ben has recently supported Blues Legend Robert Cray, as well as future Blues Legend Matt Schofield. He also supported Joan Armatrading after winning a place on her 'Local Talent' competition, which also means he will be included on a CD release and a 2 hour documentary on BBC Radio 2 about the competition winners, and also opened a show for The Royal Southern Brotherhood. His song 'Dealers Stealers' has also been included on the soundtrack of the film "Rock and Roll F*ck 'N' Lovely" which was released in 2012