Benny Brown

  • The Smokin' Benny Brown Band

About Benny Brown

Smokin Benny Brown - Although born in Hammersmith, London, Benny grew up on the South Coast and had a love for music at an early age. But it wasn't until he was in his late teens before he discovered that he had an affinity with the blues and a raw natural gift for expressing himself through his music.

An undeniable talent, Benny now plays his own interpretation of the blues which he calls 'Blackened Blues'; a powerful blend of heavier guitar work and soulful melody working to lift the blues from the dirge that can be often be attached to it.

Bennys has a raw, expressive vocal and the ability of hypnotising the listener, drawing them in and communicating every little nuance of the song, and Benny is no one trick pony either. An incredible guitarist and consummate professional that's had the honour of playing with the likes of Mick Taylor, Larry Miller, Larry Garner, Stephen Dale Petit, Buddy Whittington, Alan Glen, John O' Leary and Scott Mckeon but to name a few. Bennys also had the honour of playing some fantastic venues along way like The 100 Club, The Half Moon Putney, The Blues Kitchen, The Bulls Head Barns, The Dublin Castle Camden and many others too. His main Axe is The Abombination. A hand made hodge podge of Tele and Strat styles with specialist wiring and hand wound pickups that when combined with his Mesa Boogie Maverick amp, produces a tone that hits the 'sweet spot' and just lingers!
So, if you like your night buzzing, listening to a true blues maverick with a talent for getting off on 'Blackened Blues', then Benny's your man! You will not be disappointed.