Callum Williams

  • Session Bassist

"I bought my Black Label Perception 5 string because I simply needed a budget 5 string for odd session bits. When it arrived I was shocked, the sensitivity of this bass, the playability, responsiveness and most importantly THE SOUND, was outstanding!"

About Callum Williams

Southport born and bred bass player, vocalist and MD. Having been immersed in music from a young age, with a bloodline of top musicians, there was never any doubt what Callum wanted to be when he grew up. Years later he has now worked and studied with Ex-Jamiroquai MD’s, X-Factor personalities and the current touring bass player for Queen.

As a studio musician he is known for his tight grooves and wizardry with a fretless bass. As a live performer he is infamous for his personality, exhilarating performances, and an energy that even landed him the nickname ‘Wembley Williams’, whilst holding a residency on the world famous Mathew Street, Liverpool.

He also fronts Hipshaker, one of the most in demand wedding and function bands in the North alongside his other projects. With the year ahead set with exciting sessions and tours as far a field as Brazil, he is one to watch, especially seeing as he has achieved all this at the age of just 19.