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About Carol Navarro

Carol Navarro was born in April 4, 1986, and raised in Santo André, an industrial city on the outskirts of São Paulo, the largest city in South America. 

Influenced by her older brother at the age of 10, she started to dig into his vinyl collection discovering bands like Kiss and Black Sabbath, which later led her to develop a personal taste for another bands like Pearl Jam, No Doubt, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and other bands from the 90’s. 

Carol Navarro ~ Supercombo

As many other kids around the world, Carol had her first contact with musical instruments at school. She took singing and guitar lessons and eventually discovered the bass guitar, which became her instrument by accident. On this occasion, one of her best friends was selling a bass guitar to buy a new one and offer her the cheap model he had for only 50 bucks. So she had to try it.

There weren’t many girls in Santo André who could play bass and fewer which actually owned a bass guitar, so Carol learned a few songs and tricks and quickly started to play in local garage bands and became part of the local music scene. Her first real group was called Lipstick, a pop rock band formed by five girls from Santo André. With Lipstick, Carol had her first experience with recording (the band recorded two albums between 2007 and 2010), concerts and appearances on TV and radio shows….a real taste of the professional musician lifestyle.

Through Lipstick, Carol met many other musicians and also joined Fundação das Artes de São Caetano, a renowned and traditional music school which revealed several talented Brazilian musicians. This was fundamental for Carol’s musicianship and network. At Fundação das Artes, in 2010, Carol joined Marco Nalesso e a Fundação, an afrobeat and contemporary jazz project, with whom she recorded an EP. 

In 2012, by the time she was 26 years and had three records under her belt, Carol finally joined the rock group Supercombo that became one of the most prominent Brazilian rock acts of their generation upon the release of their third album “Amianto”. Due to the success Supercombo has achieved, Carol left her other projects and is fully dedicated to the band which is finishing Amianto Tour with more than 140 dates in Brazil.

Carol Navarro ~ Supercombo

During the Amianto Tour, Carol was searching for a new bass. She was looking for a bass that would handle the Drop C tuning she uses, was short scale, had deep lows, was lightweight and and of course had that rock and roll look. After scouring local music shops, Carol just couldn’t find what she was looking for, and was about to give up and stick with her old bass. She gave it one last try by posting a request on Facebook asking if anyone had a recommendation or advice on a new, different and cool bass. A friend replied with a link to a classifieds website that had a Red Italia Maranello owned by a music instrument collector in São Paulo. The make and model were completely new to her. Surprisingly, the owner of the Maranello lived just two doors down from Supercombo’s management office, so Carol asked to try the bass, and once she tried, it was love at first sight! Even though it it wasn’t short scale, or as lightweight as she wanted, she fell in love with the sound and playability. She immediately bought the bass and after her first appearance with the Maranello on a TV show, dozens of messages and emails came in asking about this sparkling red bass, which went on to become Carol’s trademark on shows and all on her appearances from that day on.

That bass generated so much buzz on her social media profiles that eventually Italia approached her for an endorsement deal, and Carol now also uses the Italia Imola GP bass in prism white.