Charlie McCarthy

  • Blind Tiger

Photo Credit: John Newstead - Simon Watson Photography

About Charlie McCarthy

The rural area of Norfolk seems like the most unlikely of places to be the home of a thriving rock scene. Known as the starting point for megastars such as The Darkness and The Treatment, along with countless award winning venues showcasing some of the most talented bands in the scene every night, the county is a breeding ground for the next generation of rock bands.

The one issue with such a vibrant area for live music however, is that the scene can become clustered, and politics often overshadows genuine talent. Four piece Blind Tiger are a diamond in the rough who have faced and fiercely overcome these issues, proving that they’re much more than a ‘pub band’.

Formed in 2009 by high school best friends Andy and Charlie, Blind Tiger have dramatically evolved from just being a band who plays classic rock covers with a few originals thrown in at every local bar and village carnival they could physically get to. Bands like that come ten a penny all over the UK and Blind Tiger wanted much more. Seeing the error of their ways, the band focused on both their songwriting and their live shows to a standard that’s to be expected from much more established bands in much bigger venues. Now having shared the stage with the likes of Black Star Riders and having perfected their live show, they are ready to unleash their brand new EP “Immortalized” to the world!

There I was, 12 years old and the classic Sweet Child O Mine music video came on telly and I thought, wooah what is this music! From then on, I was a rock n roller. I wanted to sing like Axl Rose! It definitely had some influence on my voice down the line. As I got a li'l older, I started looking for similar music. That's when I found Bon Jovi. I'd say they are one of my biggest influences, JBJ's voice, the music, the lyrics are all what I'd like to achieve as a musician. With guitar playing, I love big ballad riffs and singalong guitar lines. People like Richie Sambora, Garry Moore & Hendrix are just some of the people I'd aspire to be like. When it comes to music equipment. I'm a British amp man. They are just far superior to anything else I've tried. Guitar wise, it's Vintage guitars all the way!