Chris Von Rohr

  • Krokus

About Chris Von Rohr

Founding member and bassist with legendary Swiss rock band Krokus, Chris Von Rohr is now using a Vintage ICON V4MRSSB with the band. Alongside a handful of other breakthrough European bands of the early/mid 70's including Focus, Golden Earring, Can, Tangerine Dream and Amon Duul II, Krokus' distinctive heavy metal-flavoured recipe helped put 70's Euro-Rock firmly on the musical map of the time.

Formed in 1974 by Von Rohr – on bass and originally lead vocals – with guitarist Tommy Kiefer, Krokus enjoyed a prolonged period of success in both Europe and America, particularly in the 1980's when they often toured as support to premier league rock bands such as AC/DC, Rainbow and Def Leppard. In 2007, an early Krokus line-up which featured Von Rohr, guitarist Fernando Von Arb, drummer Freddy Steady and vocalist Marc Storace, reunited to play a selection of Krokus hits on a Swiss television show, whilst a version of the Sweet glam anthem, Ballroom Blitz, performed by Krokus featured in the computer game 'Guitar Hero: Rocks the 80's'.