Chris Walton

  • The Forgotten Sons

“After years of playing many different guitars searching for one to suit my playing style and needs as a guitarist, It is a real pleasure for me to finally be using an instrument that does everything I want!"
Photo Credit: Dave Croft Photography

About Chris Walton

His dynamic and diverse approach to playing the guitar incorporates a wide range of techniques and styles which enable him to play almost any genre including Jazz, Rock, Instrumental Rock, R&B, Funk, Folk, Blues, Roots, Reggae, Pop, Progressive, Soul, Gospel & Latin.

Chris also specialises in teaching the guitar and in recent years has reached thousands of budding guitarists through working in local schools, running seminars and workshops at guitar shows and also through the inspirational You Can Rock Foundation (YCRF) Music program which inspires young people to embrace songwriting in a modern and contemporary way.