Coleman Murphy

  • Nashville Session Guitarist / Producer

"The Vintage Icon V52 has become my favorite Tele. Its' cool look, awesome tone and great playability is inspiring. It's one of those guitars that are hard to put down. I just love it!"

About Coleman Murphy

At an early age, guitars became an obsession with Coleman Murphy and he played lead guitar in a rock and roll band in high school as part of an independent music class. For their final grade, they had to do a show for the entire school assembly.

Fun! Glad they loved rock and roll.

Coleman started playing in clubs near his home in North Carolina at age 15. Soon after high school, he worked at Emmons’ Guitar Company where he learned to play pedal steel and met Irvin Parham who was a classical guitarist.

Coleman was intrigued and took some lessons from him and others, which would later become helpful in reading music.

He was influenced by some of the guitar greats: Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Duane Allman, and Chet Atkins.

After fifteen years of playing in popular bands along the East Coast, Coleman decided to venture out to Music City.

When he made the move to Nashville, new doors opened with recording opportunities in country, pop, R&B, and gospel genres. In fact, he has played on over 4,000 songs for Sound Choice Karaoke Company.

Coleman has also toured or recorded with artists like Chely Wright, Tanya Tucker, Linda Davis, Buddy Jewell, and others.

He currently tours with country music legend John Anderson and plays sessions at various Nashville studios.