Conrad Ashton

  • Singer / Songwriter

"This is honestly the most beautiful guitar I have ever laid my eyes on and the top is so deep with detail it should come with a warning sign so you don't fall in."

About Conrad Ashton

At the age of 10 Conrad found himself watching The Who perform at Live 8 on Television. It was Pete Townshend’s electric stage presence that made Conrad know what he wanted to do with his life and shortly after, he received his first guitar. He became obsessed with it and ended up practicing hours upon hours, day after day.

During his mid-teens Conrad had some trouble with anxiety and depression. This led him onto writing poetry to help him overcome what he was going through. His poetry became lyrics, his lyrics became songs, yet Conrad wanted to broaden his knowledge of music and as soon as he could, he enrolled himself onto a 2-year music course at New College Durham. When his course at New College Durham came to an end, Conrad decided that he wanted to study for a BA (Hons) Degree to again further his knowledge of music and to help him finally sell himself as an artist. He was accepted with open arms at one of the top conservatoires in Europe, Leeds College of Music.

Alongside his studies Conrad was writing for other artists and after seeing them gaining some success with the music he had written he decided to record his own EP called ‘Zebra Crossing’. A short amount of time passed after releasing the EP and he decided to pull ‘Zebra Crossing’ as he felt it wasn’t good enough and it didn’t truly portray the musical artist that he is and instead of recording a new EP he went all out and recorded his debut album ‘One For The Road’ with producer Josh Hoggart. Conrad is a well-crafted, unique artist who always gives an exciting, professional and electrifying live performance; whether he is performing on his own or performing with one of his carefully selected backing bands. It is fair to say that the future is incredibly bright for Conrad Ashton and shortly after the release of ‘One For The Road’ he will be aiming to complete a UK tour, which will bring his music to his current and new audience. Conrad is already aiming to record and release his 2nd album by the end of 2016.