Damo Fawsett

  • Reagan Browne Band / Slam Cartel / Big River

"The country squire is deceiving, it looks pretty but it will bite."

About Damo Fawsett

Damien Fawsett (Damo F) started playing guitar at the age of 11 after seeing a late night concert on tv of Van Halen, mesmerised by the guitar wizardry of EVH, he got his first electric guitar which was a cheap stratocaster copy & a small 15w amp and played away to Led Zeppelin & Deep Purple records (remember those?) and attempted to recreate the sounds heard from the guitar masters. 

 Some early pointers from local hero Geoff Whitehorn started him on his way & he joined his first band at 15 years old and entered the pub rock circuit, often having to lie about his age as he wasn't allowed in pubs under 18. 

In the early 90's Damo studied part-time at the Guitar Institute in London and was lucky enough to receive masterclasses from the likes of Alan Murphy, Roddy Frame, Al Pitrelli, Reb Beach and many more. 

It's possible that Damo holds the record for being the only house guitarist at a Jazz jam night having back-combed hair, skinny jeans & White cowboy boots, whilst playing a pointy guitar through a Marshall stack. 

Damo was then asked to take the place of Dave Kilminster (Roger Waters) who had just won the first ever Guitarist magazine Guitarist of the year, in London based band Juke Box Heroes. He also jammed with top session musicians in a London studio & entered the lucrative world of sessions for some top names in the dance & R&B scene as well as providing guitar work for unsigned bands. Playing guitar on a top 30 UK hit in 1994 & also co wrote & played on a top 20 Rock Chart hit in Germany in 2003. 

Damo continued playing sessions and had a minor brush with fame whilst being in Kent band "Nervous Echo", who were managed by David Harper (Robert Palmer, Paul Young, UB40).

The pub-rock scene continued for Damo & he gained a reputation as in demand dep player for local bands, from Dance to Metal acts & also played guitar for Blues legends "The Chosen Few" who boasted Del Amitri guitarist Kris Dollimore among their ranks. 

In 2012 Damo resurrected 80's metal legends Sacrilege from retirement and persuaded frontman Bill Sacrilege to perform on stage again after 25 years, new recordings followed & a series of high profile gigs showed the band as a force to be reckoned with.

In 2013 Damo played lead guitar & formed the backing band for Reagan Browne, hailing from California , his latest recording features guitarists such as Phil X and Marty Friedman. The Reagan Browne band played a series of very successful UK shows and a live acoustic session for Team Rock Radio. 

Late 2013 saw Damo put together a three guitar event which featured ex Gillan / Ozzy guitarist Bernie Torme and ended with an almighty jam. This was definitely a night to remember.

In early 2014 Damo got the call he'd been waiting for, his favourite UK band Slam Cartel wanted him for their imminent UK tour, 10 days notice and one rehearsal, he was on the road up and down the country, they opened for Therapy and Adrian Vandenberg on the first set of dates and opened for USA rockers Y&T in November 2014, which is when their new single is also due out, recorded with top producer George De Angelis.

Damo also continues to be an in demand session player & can also be seen on some big stages at venues all over the UK. 

Damo uses the Fret King Black Label Country Squire Semitone, Vintage® Thomas Blug 'Summer of Love', V100AFD, V6M24 and V62 models.