Darnell 'Big D' Cole

  • Porcelain Hill

‘The Vintage V6 has every tone I could ever need inside of it. It’s range of sounds allow me to express myself completely and the neck is an absolute dream to play.'
Photo Credit: Sally Newhouse / Jon Hendley

About Darnell 'Big D' Cole

Darnell "Big D" Cole is the guitar player, vocalist, performer, and songwriter of Porcelain Hill, an Indie blues, rock and funk band hailing from Ontario, California. Influenced by many genres of music, his guitar playing and songwriting, showcase a wide range from bebop jazz to punk rock.

Having recorded and toured across the United States, Big D prides himself on putting on a high energy live performance, and is no stranger to guitar tricks. A true showman, his charisma is topped only by his 6"2 stature.

Darnell 'Big D' Cole ~ Porcelain Hill

Endorsed by Vintage Guitars, the man of many roots hones in a fat bluesy tone, a jazzy notation with that good ol Rock n roll feeling. You can find him touring the US with his band Porcelain Hill, or performing at a local venue in southern California. 

Darnell 'Big D' Cole ~ Porcelain Hill

Porcelain Hill are a high energy, independent blues rock and roll band from Southern California. Perfectly blending blues, soul and funk, Porcelain Hill serve up heavy guitar riffs, thunderous drums, and melodic basslines which collide to craft sounds you don't listen to, but music you feel.

Darnell 'Big D' Cole ~ Porcelain Hill
Photo by Jon Hendley