David Holland

  • Producer

About David Holland

David is a Music Producer, Engineer and Mixer, who works with a growing client list in East Anglia, from his studio based in Cambridgeshire, UK.  At 18 years old David has already worked with industry renowned Mix Engineer, Cenzo Townshend, and has won awards for his musicianship and studio work.  David’s skills as a multi-instrumentalist and his strong sense of musical direction make his recording, mixing and production services highly sought after.  An avid collector of guitars, David loves his Supro Westbury in Antique White, which he favours for his recording sessions.  “This is such an easy playing guitar and its unique sound gives my studio work a distinctive edge” says David.  “I am currently using it in the production of an Indie Rock EP, and it works a treat!  The Supro gold foil pickups clean up well, but also give me the drive I need. It’s just an all round great guitar, suitable for almost any recording situation.”  
David has a growing social media presence which includes his newly launched YouTube channel: Producer Hub. Designed to review/demo gear and explain music production techniques, you can expect to find Supro gear reviews, and also A/B comparisons between Supro amps and the Kemper profile equivalents. 
David is very proud to be part of the Supro team and sees Supro gear as a vital part of his professional music career for the future.