David Locke

  • Guitarist

"The first thing I noticed of my Country Squire was that it felt so comfortable and natrual to play. Plugging it in just sealed the deal for me! This guitar has it all, looks, quality, feel and tone to die for!" "My Vintage Icon has blown me away with it.
Photo Credit: Ian Maynard Photography

About David Locke

The attention to detail and passion for excellence give David's music a dimension beyond the common.

Progressive, yet remaining musically accessible, a David Locke track, with it's unique time signatures is instantly recognisable by its multi-layered depths and fathomless solos.

Playing all the instruments for his own musical endeavours, in addition to various external guitar projects, David's wide-ranging abilities stem from an early interest in the work of Brian May.

Engaged as a guitar teacher, David manages to combine the moulding and honing of fresh guitarists with the creation of his own unique brand of progressive rock music.