Lee Mark Jones

  • Gypsy Lee Pistolero

"Love my VSA850. Unbelievable price, Unbelievable sound. And it looks like a cadillac of a guitar!"
Photo Credit: Ian Walker photography

About Lee Mark Jones

Founder, main song writer & frontman of the notorious band ‘Gypsy Pistoleros’ who released 3 critically acclaimed albums and an EP described as “the greatest flamenco sleaze glam rock ever”, has gone solo, flying under the GYPSY LEE PISTOLERO flag.

Mastering the dirty sounds of a Vintage VSA850 guitar and enlisting the help of former White Trash UK band mate Mark Westwood (Shadowland, Arena, Neo) to co-write/produce & play lead Guitar & Bass , Phantom Rocker on drums, Kris Jones – Trumpet.

Spanglish-speaking Flamenco Retro Rocker Glam Punk Sleaze Rock N Roll outlaw GYPSY LEE PISTOLERO released his second solo album ‘The Good, The Mad and The Beautiful’, Dec 3rd 2012 and the Full 32 track Anthology ' ~ Beautiful Disaster' by Gypsy Lee Pistolero & the Gypsy Pistoleros is out NOW.

The former founder, frontman & songwriter of the critically acclaimed , Gypsy Pistoleros left his own band on the eve of their ’Greatest Hits album ( Heavy Metal Records) launch party to go solo.