Helen Marshall

  • Guitarist / Composer

"I am really thrilled and delighted to have been given the chance to endorse this wonderful small bodied guitar by Vintage: the Vintage Viator. A 6-string Paul Brett signature model that delivers a warm, bright tone with a projection that belies its size.

About Helen Marshall

Whilst enjoying playing all sorts of styles, including American roots and English folk and jazz, it is to this Celtic genre that Helen seems to always return. Her compositions are predominantly in alternate tunings, finding the opportunities for harmonic variations a source of endless fascination.

Helen's Youtube channel, Dracapalley, was created in 2007, includes of a variety of material, including some original compositions. As an ardent Liverpool Football Club Supporter, one of these is her arrangement of the club's anthem 'The Fields of Anfield Road', which was used for the annual Hillsborough Memorial Day held at Anfield Stadium, as well as being broadcast for their national television coverage.

'Open Window' is an original piece. For Mum & Dad, with much love.