Jamie Mallender

  • Swearbox / John Verity Band / Paddy McGuire Band

"The B1 Bass Squeezer could not be easier to use, providing the bass player with idiot proof compression."

About Jamie Mallender

A well-respected session bassist, Jamie has played for former Black Sabbath vocalist Tony Martin since 2005, as well as a number of other projects in the UK and Europe.

He uses and endorses Xvive pedals, Vintage and Fret-King bass guitars.

Tony Martin was the longest serving vocalist for the 4 piece metal pioneers, before their reformation with original vocalist Ozzy Osbourne. 

Having just got back from a tour of Scandinavia with the Tony Martin band, Jamie found himself trying out, and falling in love with the Trev Wilkinson designed Fret-King instruments, in particular the Blue Label Series Perception and the brand new Ventura 80 bass guitars. “I only ever put my name to gear that I honestly believe in and use myself, and these are amazing - normally I use nothing but active basses, but Trev has hit exactly the right blend of traditional and modern with these designs, and with no compromise on tone or performance, at a price that is with the reach of just about anyone.” 

In addition to being on call with Tony Martin and other bands, Jamie does a lot of teaching in South Yorkshire and and has recently released his solo instrumental album entitled "Return To Bass" available on iTunes, CDBaby and Amazon, which has received much critical acclaim.

"I've been searching for a fretless bass that lived up to my impossible standards for 25 years. The Vintage V74MRJP is that bass."