Jamie Fowler

  • The Frogg Brothers

"I was totally surprised how good this bass is, great tone and great to play!"
Photo Credit: Karl Proctor

About Jamie Fowler

Jamie Fowler's life in music started in 1988 when his brother decided he wanted to learn to play the guitar, and realised he needed someone to jam with. Six months later Jamie was playing in a local thrash metal band ("Don't get me wrong I was no Cliff Burton, but they needed someone so I was in!"). Over the years Jamie has played in all kinds of bands, playing all styles off music - from bluegrass with the Frogg Brothers to Doom Metal with Damnations Hammer. Recently he was invited to play on Carrie Martin's latest album 'Seductive Sky'
"Playing in a bluegrass band I've always like the cigar box guitars and always wanted a bass in that style. I must admit when I saw the bohemian basses I was a little bit apprehensive and wonder if it was a bit off a gimmick, so I bought one and was totally surprised how good this bass is to play, great tone which fitted perfect with the bluegrass style and great to play.  Just an awesome bass and something a bit different".