Jeff Brown

  • Statetrooper/Juke Box Heroes/Cats In Space

"I have played many basses over the years and I truly feel that the Fret King Perception is the best bass guitar I have ever played!"

About Jeff Brown

Jeff Brown is a multi-talented musician with a resume that speaks volumes. He started playing bass guitar at the tender age of 14 and cut his teeth during the NWOBHM explosion playing bass and providing backing vocals for Wildfire and Statetrooper. He then joined Sweet alongside Andy Scott and Mick Tucker as bass player and when vocalist, Mal McNulty left he stepped into the frontline and took over lead vocals whilst still providing the bass line. He was in Sweet for 16 years, touring extensively around the world and helped them achieve a very successful comeback with 2 superb studio albums of new material and 2 re-recorded compilations of the original hits with Jeff on vocal. After leaving Sweet in 2003, Jeff joined 60’s beat group The Tremeloes and during his ten years as bass player and vocalist has not only wowed devout Tremeloes fans but has helped to attract a whole new, younger audience, ensuring they remain a popular live act across the globe. Jeff's passion for music has kept him in the game through turbulent times and he is currently fulfilling a life long ambition to release his very own solo album. Jeff has taken his Fret King Perception bass out on the road and is very impressed with the versatility of it. 'I have played many basses over the years and I truly feel that the Fret King is the best bass guitar I have ever played, it encompasses everything you could ever require in a bass and has a wicked sound! I am also the proud owner of the Fret King Esprit 4 and I'm enamoured with it's thundering rock sound which is second to none. I would like to say a huge thank you to Trev Wilkinson for these wonderful instruments"