Jeffrey Foskett

  • The Beach Boys

About Jeffrey Foskett

Since 1980 Jeffrey Foskett has been one of the driving voices behind The Beach Boys concerts and Brian Wilson. As a member and musical director of The Beach Boys from 1980 through 1991, Jeffrey has performed before millions of fans in some of the largest events and venues in Rock and Roll history. He is one of the few performers in the world to have played at both Live Aid and Live 8. Some of the other notable concerts include: 

Farm Aid, Command Performances for the Queen of England, four U.S. Presidents, and the Prince of Monaco. Jeffrey was on stage for the famous Beach Boys 4th of July Concerts on the Mall in Washington DC and Philadelphia that drew millions of fans and this past 4th of July appeared with Brian Wilson to a world wide television audience of 80 million.

Jeffrey's musical career started like many others, on February 09 1964 when he witnessed the epiphany for many rock musicians... The Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show. Asking for a guitar for his birthday the next week, his parents obliged the eight year old Jeff and he began performing immediately. Jeff led many different bands throughout his Middle School and High School years and first band of note was The Pranks, a group founded by Jeff, Randell Kirsch and Bo Fox in the late 1970's. The Pranks enjoyed a large following throughout California and the West Coast. With the success the Pranks were enjoying, this encouraged Jeff to write original music on a regular basis.

Jeffrey left the Pranks to join and tour with The Beach Boys. Having performed world wide in the years with The Beach Boys, Jeff left the group in 1991 and concentrated on his solo career. Since then Jeff has written, arranged, produced, performed and recorded over a dozen original CD's many of them enjoying chart success in Japan, Austral-Asia and Europe. Jeff co-wrote the #1 song "The Mystery of Moonlight" with Chicago's prolific songwriter Robert Lamm. Jeff's song "FISH" reached #3 in Japan. His two most recent releases in Japan on Vivid Sound peaked at #1. Jeff has performed live around the world in front of crowds of over 10,000+.

Currently (Since 1998) Jeff has been the musical director on the highly acclaimed world wide Brian Wilson tour. Both Mojo Magazine and the London Times named Brian Wilson's Pet Sound's concert at Royal Festival Hall, the concert of the year and this past year's SMiLE tour as "the best rock and roll show of all time". Brian Wilson himself says that his favorite singer is Jeffrey Foskett. 

In 2014, Jeffrey returned to The Beach Boys, and has been touring and recording ever since. 

Here is a partial list of people who think highly enough of Jeff to use his talents on their records and live performances: Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Neil Diamond, Roy Orbison, Chicago, The Moody Blues, Elton John, Neil Young, Willie Nelson, Tom Petty, The Everly Brothers, Christopher Cross, America, Three Dog Night and many others. His work with these artists has earned Jeff over 50 gold and platinum record awards and several Grammy nominations. He is also a voting member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. 

Jeffrey is an engaging man with a healthy laugh and sense of humor, and even more than that, has been blessed with one of the most beautiful voices in the world!