Jerry Donahue

  • The Hellecasters / Fairport Convention / Fotheringay / Acoustic Gathering

“Of all the special guitar projects I’ve ever been involved with in my quest for the perfect guitar, the Fret King JDD beats them all – at any price, it’s the best, and the most affordable."

About Jerry Donahue

A real guitarist’s guitarist, Jerry Donahue has been on the scene for 40 years. Renowned for his masterful and original approach to string bending (Danny Gatton referred to him as “the string bending king of the planet”), Donahue has released a number of solo albums, is a charter member of guitar group The Hellecasters, and has a list of album and band credits across the spectrum of modern popular music as long as the proverbial arm.

As a member of Fotheringay and Fairport Convention in the 1970s, Jerry has also lent his playing to some of the greatest folk rock records ever released.