João Hasselberg

Photo Credit: Gonçalo Pinto

About João Hasselberg

Born in 86 in Lisbon, João Hasselberg is one of the most prolific bass players in the European scene. From Pop/Rock to free improvisation, from chamber music to Jazz, Joao always leaves his personal touch behind.

Now living in Copenhagen and continuing on playing internationally over 200 performances a year, he’s developing new ideas in music composition and performance.


“A rising star in the world of improvisational music. This is a look at the harmonic makeup of a brilliant global artist with more than enough talent to crack the isolationist American marketplace”. in Bop-N-Jazz

“Between guitar, bass and guests, they achieved their unique sound, super special, emotive and silky. There’s no one else making music like they are”. in Público


In 2012 Plays at the Jools Holland Show with Luisa Sobral. Regularly performs with his group or as side man in Festivals like the SxSW (Austin, Texas), Red Sea Jazz (Israel), London Jazz Festival (UK), Cully Jazz (CH) , Den Hague Jazz Festival, IJ Jazz Festival, Breda Jazz Festival, Meer Jazz festival, Trytone Jazz Festival, (Holland), Jazz Ahead (Germany) Festival Internacional de Jazz de Barcelona, Festival de Jazz de Cartagena (Spain), Europa Fest (Romania), Sudoeste TMN, CoolJazzFest, Festa de Jazz do S.Luis, Festival de Valado dos Frades, Jazz no Castelo, Festival de Jazz de Verão de Setubal, Seixal Jazz (Portugal), Centro Cultural de Belém, Festival Vilar de Mouros, among others. And venues like the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts (Washington, DC), Barbican Center (London), Half-Note (Athens), Hot Clube (Lisbon), Tempodrom (Berlin), Alte Oper (Frankfurt), Kolner Philarmonie (Koln), LaeiszHalle (Hamburg), Copenhagen Jazz Festival (Denmark).



-Joao Hasselberg & Pedro Branco - “From Order To Chaos” - Clean Feed
-Joao Hasselberg & Pedro Branco - “Dancing Our Way To Death” (5 STAR REVIEWS)

-João Hasselberg - “Truth Has To Be Given In Riddles” (JAZZ RECORD OF THE YEAR 2014)

-João Hasselberg - “Whatever It Is You’re seeking, Won’t Come In The Form You Expected” (JAZZ RECORD OF THE YEAR 2013)

-SongBird - “Vol.1”
-Iberian Express “Haring” - Barcelona Jazz Collective -Iberian Express - “Fiets EP” - Barcelona Jazz Collective

João Hasselberg www.joaohasselberg.compage2image17424

-Saga Cega - “À Deriva”

-Goncalo Prazeres - “Snapshot”


-Desidério Lázaro - “Subtractive Colors” - Sintoma Records

-Eneida Marta - “Nha Sunhu” - Uguru

-Luisa Sobral - “Lu-Pu-I-Pi-Sa-Pa” - Universal Music (GOLD RECORD SALES)

-Nuno Ferreira “SET” - Sintoma Records

-Joana Espadinha “Avesso” - Sony Music

-André Santos - “Ponto de Partida”

-Mariana Norton - “10 sides to My Story”

-Simone de Oliveira - “Pedaços de Mim” - Get Records

-Luisa Sobral - “There is a Flower in My Bedroom” - Universal Music (GOLD RECORD SALES)

-Afonso Pais e Rita Maria - “Miope e o Arco Iris” - Sintoma Records -João Firmino - “A Casa da Árvore” - Sintoma Records
-Bruno Santos - “Bruno Santos Ensemble” - TOAP Records
-Luisa Sobral “Bairro do Panda”

-Luisa Sobral “Natal Outra vez”

-Luisa Sobral - “The Cherry on My Cake” - Universal Music (PLATINUM RECORD SALES)

-Spyros Manesis Trio - “Undelivered” - JACC Records

-João Firmino - “A Bolha” - JACC Records

-Gilles Estoppey - “AMTER” - Dynemec Records

-Joana Espadinha - “Fuse & Jazz”

-IMI Kollektief - “Snug as a Gun” - Clean Feed Records (5 STAR RATING “Penguin Guide to Jazz Recordings”)


2015 - Wins “Prémio Jovens Criadores 2015”
2014 - His second album “Truth Has To Be Given In Riddles” is best jazz album

2013 - His debut album “Whatever It Is You’re Seeking, Won’t Come In The Form You’re Expecting” is the best album of 2013 by, a-trompa and Pedro Tavares (Jazz Journalist Association).

2011 - Wins prize in the “Prémio Jovens Músicos" Jazz Ensemble category. 2009 - Finalist in the Keep an Eye Jazz Award (Amsterdam)
2007 - 3o place in the International Buchareste Jazz Competition (Roménia)


2016 - Enters the prestigious Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen, Denmark, were he ́s doing the Master Performance in Music program.

2012/2015 - Studies under the pupilage of Alex Erlich Oliva.

2010 - Graduates from the Jazz department of the Amsterdam Conservatory with final grade of 9 out of 10. Studies with Ben Street, Larry Grenadier, John Clayton, Reuben Rogers, Arnold Dooyewerd, Ernest Glerum. Attends to masterclasses from Mark Turner, Aaron Goldberg, Joey Calderazzo, Thomas Morgan, Tod Colman, Brandford Marsalis, among others.

2006 - Attends to the workshop Guimarães Jazz with Omer Avital.

2004 - Studies electric bass and doublebass in the Jazz school “Luis Villas-Boas” do Hot Clube de Portugal 

Joao has been using the Vintage V4MVW bass guitar on his recent performances ad recordings.