Jon Sykes

  • The Pineapple Thief

"There is a depth to the tone and a cutting edge to the V4 bass which makes it ideal for what we are doing"
Photo Credit: Lidschlag

About Jon Sykes

 Jon Sykes is the bassist with The Pineapple Theif and has been using his customised Vintage V4 bass for a number of years, both live and in the studio.  

"When recording the last two albums with The Pineapple Thief, I kept coming back to the Vintage bass. There is a depth to the tone and a cutting edge which makes it ideal for what we are doing. I think the solidity of the neck plays a big part in that. As well as having that tone, the playability is excellent and it looks great on stage so I've used it a lot live. I played it almost exclusively on the London show when we filmed the Blu Ray".

Jon Sykes – The Pineapple Thief

Bringing to close an unforgettable 14-date European Winter tour of their 2016 summer hit album Your WildernessThe Pineapple Thief, led by post-progressive mastermind Bruce Soord and reinforced by Gavin Harrison (King Crimson) on drums with Darran Charles (Godsticks) on guitar, gave the sold-out Islington Assembly Hall in London a truly awe-inspiring gig on 11th February 2017. Where We Stood showcases a powerful performance from both band regulars and guests on new tracks from Your Wilderness, including “In Exile“, “No Man’s Land” and “The Final Thing On My Mind“, and of the classics from previous albums, “Nothing At Best“, “Show A Little Love” and “Simple As That“.

Bruce Soord says about the show and release “It was our last show of the tour and our biggest headline show ever. We had 15 cameras, a massive jib, but more importantly – a sell-out crowd!  The pressure was indeed on, but it’s safe to say that the stars aligned for us that night and it turned out to be one of the most memorable performances of our career so far.

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Download and stream the new album here.

Soord continues: “We’ve thrown everything but the kitchen sink at this special edition blu-ray.  It has the full show; documentary footage and interviews; and 2 different 5.1 surround mixes (one natural, one discrete) – all in high resolution 24/96 stereo.  It also has our last album ‘Your Wilderness’ in stereo and surround, plus the special ‘8 Years Later’ album in stereo with a brand-new surround mix too.  All of that plus 5 acoustic tracks (also stereo and surround) and loads of bonus videos. This is without doubt the definitive ‘Your Wilderness’ release.”

The Blu-ray, DVD and deluxe hardback book editions of the spectacular live concert Where We Stood will be released on 6th October.