Jon Sudbury

  • Stacie Collins

"The AMP1 sounds awesome! The only problemĀ is deciding which channel/boost combo to useĀ for a main sound because they all sound fantastic..."

About Jon Sudbury

Jon Sudbury is UK session player whose heavy touring schedule has taken him around the world.

"Having toured round Europe quite heavily for the past 14 years  I've found myself doing a lot of fly-in shows and not knowing what amp I'd get. The BluGuitar AMP1 solves this as I can simply take it as part of my pedalboard. Actually, the portability kinda comes second to the fact it sounds amazing and is incredibly flexible. The 'classic' setting is perfect for that classic mid '70's British guitar sound"  

Jon is currently using it on tour with Nashville artist Stacie Collins and is planning to release a solo cd that'll be available in August 2017