Mark Christopher Lee

"The Vintage VTR8000PB-12 is a perfect fit for The Pocket Gods - as well as having a great acoustic sound it records well via pick up, the action makes it so easy to play and it also looks great on stage."
Photo Credit: Wil White

About Mark Christopher Lee

Mark Christopher Lee is a musician, producer and broadcaster. His new show NUB TV airs on Sky Showcase Channel 212/Freeview Channel 254 on Sunday evenings presented by Steve Blacknell – a 60 minute electric/eclectic mix of new videos from indie to folk – jazz to classic rock for those starved of the music they love.

The shows features live music from The Pocket Gods – the band Mark formed and fronted since 1998 – whose Guinness World Record Breaking album '100xmas30' took the prize for most songs on a digital album at 111 tracks, all 30 secs long or less, designed as a tirade against music streaming services like Spotify that pay paltry artist fees per 30 seconds of music.

Catch Mark and the Pocket Gods on NUB TV – a real music show with real chat... real atmosphere ..and a really good way to finish the week!