Mark van der Mee

  • Saint Charlie

"My Supro Dual Tone creates space with its board, crystal-clear tone"
Photo Credit: Esmee Ottema

About Mark van der Mee

Music is sacred in the world of Saint Charlie. The four ambitious gentlemen from Nijmegen (The Netherlands) make atmospheric indie-rock. Spacy if possible, in your face when it has to. Their sound lies somewhere between bands like Foals, Tame Impala and Kings of Leon. Their songs are a catchy typhoon of riffs and grooves, a mix of reflections of today’s social environment and personal questions, always danceable and mostly vivacious.

The band released their first self-produced EP Drowning Eyes and Dirty Dancing in the beginning of 2015. The single Hold On Tight reached the #1 position in the Dutch chart for indie music (Free40 Indiechart, IndieXL). The EP was followed by a tour through The Netherlands in small to middle sized venues and festivals (Paradiso Amsterdam, Merleyn Nijmegen, Altstadt Eindhoven). This year, Saint Charlie has done a tour with TREK Festival in which they played in public parks of the largest cities in the Netherlands like Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Maastricht.

Saint Charlie has spent this summer in the studio to record their debut album, which will be released in March 2017. For this album the band is working with top producer Guido Aalbers (GieSound), who is internationally known for his mixing qualities. He worked on (live) productions for Muse, Coldplay, Queens of the Stone Age and other well known bands. Musically the band aims at a defined sound with a lot of width for their new album. Saint Charlie signed a record deal with Dutch label Kroese Records for the release of their new album, and successfully ran a crowdfunding campaign to gain financial support for making it.

In 2016 Saint Charlie signed an endorsement deal with John Hornby Skewes & Co., bringing them the legendary Supro amps. The amps helped the band in making a huge step towards the desired broad and defined sound they were searching for.