• Guitarist / Writer / Producer

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About Martelle

It was with hard-rocking riffs, intelligent arrangements, and fresh, innovative solos that Andreas Schmid-Martelle (born 1961 in Ludwigshafen), as guitarist of the Jule Neigel Band first gained attention of Rock fans. From 1987 to 2000 Martelle has also functioned as co-author, arranger and producer. The band has sold over 2 million discs.

Today, Martelle's main activities are composing and producing. He writes songs for other artists as well as for publishers like Popvirus (instrumental music for TV stations). From time to time, there's a new Martelle album to be released.

A Brand New Start (1995, Red Rooster Records)
Open Up (2002, inakustik)
Little Big Waters (2007, monogenuss records)
The Doors Will Open (2010)

Other releases Martelle was involved in:
Jule Neigel Band: Schatten An der Wand (composing, guitars)
Jule Neigel Band: Wilde Welt (composing, guitars, vocals)
Jule Neigel Band: Nur Nach Vorn (composing, guitars, vocals, co-producer)
Jule Neigel Band: Herzlich Willkommen (composing, guitars, vocals, co-producer) Jule Neigel Band: Sphinx (composing, guitars, vocals, co-producer)
Jule Neigel Band: Alles (composing, guitars, vocals, co-producer)
Tommy Schneller, A Heartbeat Away (producer, guitars, vocals, mixing, mastering)
Grenada Riddim, Sweet Life (producer, various instruments, vocals, mixing, mastering)
Fatman Productions (mixing, guitars)
Crazy Chris Kramer, The XB-40 (producer, various instruments, mixing)
The Spacemen, All Or Nothing (producer, mixing, mastering, guitars, vocals)
Ron Williams & The Blues Night Band, Gotta Do The Right Thing (mixing, mastering)
Hot 'n' Nasty, Electrified (mixing, mastering) Jessica Born & Tony Osanah, Keep Forgettin'... (recording, mixing, mastering)
The Incredible Pack, Live In The Studio (producer, mixing, mastering, guitar, vocals)
Popvirus, Funk Soul Generation (producer, mixing, mastering, various instruments)
Popvirus, Bluesman (producer, mixing, mastering, various instruments)