Mats Byström

  • Perfect Plan

"The smooth neck and the solid body is just perfect"
Photo Credit: Krister Göransson

About Mats Byström

Perfect Plan 

Mats played in the 90’s with KILLER BEE, on their first two Albums.

Since then he’s been a session musician and played on numerous Albums back in Sweden.

In 2018 Mats was the natural choice when PERFECT PLAN needed a multi instrumentalists to front the Bass Guitar.

Since Mats is familiar with the VINTAGE brand, his choice of Bass Guitar was natural.

The seed for Perfect plan goes back to 2012 when several of the members in the band played in different cover and tribute bands. They felt it was time to start a more creative process in writing their own music. Then it took a while for the band to get everything in the right place.

The songwriting took off in 2014 and after a year Perfect plan had a very good feeling about their own material so they decided to record an album. During march and the month of april 2016 the recoding was made and it was mixed and mastered in the autumn 2016. The recording ended up at Frontier SRL and it caught their interest and they offered Perfect Plan a record deal. During spring 2018 four singles from the album were released, and the debutalbum "All Rise" was released 20th April 2018. Summer 2019 three singles was released, "That was Yesterday" (Foreigner cover) and "Stay" (Giant cover) and "Didn´t know It was love (Survivor cover). 

Perfect Plan