Matt Edwards

  • Matt Edwards Band

"The Supro Comet is one of my favourite amps I have played though. It is my go to, desert island amp!"

About Matt Edwards

Matt Edwards is a professional songwriter/ vocalist/guitarist from England. A self- taught musician inspired by a huge wealth of musical genres.

From blues to rock, jazz and funk to folk – his style of writing showcases subtle flavours from all and gels them into a powerful original sound with definite blues rock roots.

Matt’s debut album 'Follow The Plan' featured Matt writing and playing all the instruments on the album and has a gritty raw blues feel. After the release of his debut album Matt put together a live band 'Matt Edwards Band' which grew in reputation and experience over the next two years.

In 2015 Matt hit the studio to record his second album, featuring Andy Norris on Drums, Roger Inniss on bass guitar and produced by Stuart Dixon.
May 2015 saw the much anticipated second studio release in the form of the monster 12 track album ‘FOUR BERRY JAM’ – available to purchase on iTunes, Amazon and other online stockists. ‘FOUR BERRY JAM’ is Alternative Blues Rock, with heavy groove . It’s a mix of riff based big blues rock, tight funk and mellow blues. Focused on strong songs delivered with feel.

Edwards plays passionate and powerful solo acoustic sets or you can see him tearing it up with his excellent trio ‘Matt Edwards Band’ all over the UK.

For his live band sets Matt relies on his Supro Comet amplifier. 

"The Comet is one of my favourite amps I have played though. It is my go to, desert island amp! The Comet has a real sound of it’s own with beautiful cleans and breaks up so incredibly when turned up, this is how distortion sounds in my head. With reverb and tremolo included, this amp has everything I need for an amp I can take everywhere, whether I am writing, recording, rehearsing, jam sessions, dep work or smaller gigs. The Comet is a very very cool sounding amp and mine will be by my side most places I go"