Michael Kratz

  • Guitarist

"I was lucky enough to get two great Vintage guitars, a Thomas Blug Signature and a V100AFD. I'm really amazed by the sound and finish of both guitars, which now follow me on tour."

About Michael Kratz

Michael has been around in his musical career, which started back in 1980. When Michael was 8 years old, the family moved from Copenhagen to Jutland. After a few months his stepfather started the music project “Vildbjerg Garden” and Michael became the first member of this – it was the beginning of a long musical journey.

After “Vildbjerg Garden” it was the rock music that drew and Michael started up the band “Way Up”, which after a few years won a music talent contest at nightclub Jacob’s in Aarhus. The victory in the music contest gave “Way Up” a record contract, which the band never exploited. Some of the band members wanted to follow their education instead of believing in a music career, and soon after the band vanished. Soon after the split up of “Way Up” a couple of the members formed “Northern Affairs” as Michael quickly joined in. For more than a year the three bandmembers recorded songs and worked on a album, unfortunally the energy ran out of the band, and the album never hit the streets. Then it was time to seek new challenges and Michael joined the band “Main Event”, which played Fussion and instrumental heavy rock. “Main Event” had a several live jobs and was also supporting act to Kim Larsen. Unfortunately, the bass player was killed in a traffic accident, and “Main Event” stopped thereafter.

On the side of the rock career, Michael Kratz worked as studio musician recording with many of the most popular acts in the Danish pop genre. Furthermore also played live with several artists and the last 8 years as drummer in “Kandis”, one of the best selling acts in this genre in Denmark. Now it os time to get back to the roots, and start from square one and have started to realize his old dream of a career as a rock musician. "I’ve always had a crazy urge to challenge myself and since I was a teenager, I’ve promised myself to go after my dreams. To test myself as a solo artist is one of them, and it is time for it" says Michael Kratz. This illustrates just Michael Kratz ‘thoroughness and ambition to really have something to say before he makes an album. On “Cross That Line” he presents his own compositions and English texts – and not least his vocals, scratchy as Bruce Springsteen’s. Names like just Springsteen and Danish Big Fat Snake echoes in Kratz ‘songs, were the drums is also changed out with the guitar. In 2013 Michael recorded his new album featuring Michael Landau, David Garfield and his longtime wingman Christian Warburg.