Michael Kutscher

  • Herzlos

About Michael Kutscher

In this time the band changed, some people came in and went out. 2011 was the year the first own song on the same named single came out “Wir sind Herzlos”, this and the following year were very important, Alexander Gallé (drums) and Marvin Glytas (lead vocals, songwriting) became band members and the first album “Volldampf Voraus” was released. A next step was the new Album “Zweipunktnull” in 2013. In this year the band signed a contract with Kai Steinmetz “17LIVE-Booking” to go more professional, Kai was doing the booking and the management for the band from this time on.

The following year was the time for the next LP “Masterplan”, a few weeks before the studio work for this album began, Michael Kutscher (lead guitar) replaced the position of the lead guitar in the band. The release of this album was followed from two tours over Germany and Austria, with more than 20 concerts.

2015 the band decided to celebrate a big party for their 100th concert, in connection with the sound engineer and the band was the idea to record the whole concert. This record was the root of the next album, a live lp, released this year. This album was produced by Michael Kutscher. After this album Christoph Brunn came in the band and replaced the bass position.