Mik Crone

  • The Sourheads

Photo Credit: Liz Crone

About Mik Crone

Mik Crone is a busy guitar teacher based in the West Yorkshire area. An excellent player, fluent in most styles, Mik is also lead guitarist with original Leeds based heavy blues rock outfit 'The Sourheads'.

Mik uses the Hughes & Kettner Tubemeister TM36H head - "Ever since I saw Drew Richards from DieSoFluid/Feline playing the Triamp in the 90s I was blown away with the tone and power of Hughes & Kettner amplifiers. It's a real pleasure to now be part of the family." 

Mik also loves the tone of the Xvive XT1 Golden Brownie pedal and uses it whilst recording, and has been a long-time user of Dunlop strings and accessories.

Xvive Endorser Mik Crone - The Sourheads