Pete Parisetti

About Pete Parisetti

Pete Parisetti is a Scottish/Italian contemporary jazz recording and performing artist and producer. The music he and his wife – major labels vocalist Angela Higney - have composed, recorded and produced has appeared on over 200,000 CDs worldwide. He has also written the original soundtrack for two award-winning mountaineering documentaries.

Since 2010 the focus of Pete’s musical activity has shifted from the studio to live performances. His special passion for Brazilian music has brought him to play alongside artists of the calibre of Diego Gadenz, Maico Pagnano, Carlos Da Cruz and, particularly, superstar Diana Miranda, whom he accompanied in her 2013 European tour. Other collaborations included legendary American R&B drummer and band leader Vic Pitts and the recently and prematurely departed Gospel queen Lavelle. Since moving back from the continent to Glasgow, in 2014, Pete has been playing an average 120 professional gigs per year, with a variety of musical projects ranging from his beloved Brazilian music to straight ahead jazz, blues and Celtic-jazz fusion.

 Pete is the producer of the TopTrax YouTube channel. Started in April 2016 as a source of top quality backing tracks for the evolving musician, TopTrax has enjoyed a remarkable success by focusing on a few specific musical styles (modern blues, groove, funk and smooth jazz)  and thanks to professional, studio-level productions. In 2017 Pete has also released Jazz for Bluesmen, a 23-lesson, 6 hour+ video course for blues and rock musicians who want to play jazz guitar using their existing skills and knowledge.