Peter Borg

  • Red Electrick

About Peter Borg

Session Guitarist at Ira Losco

Studio Musician,Performance Stage, Studio and Live Recording at Freelance Guitar Player

Songwriter/Producer/Artist at The Shack - MT

Event Organizer / Producer / Co-Founder at Malta Rock Movement -

Founder / Managing Director / Music Producer / Sound Engineer at Railway Studios (MT)

Guitarist / Producer / Songwriter at Red Electrick

Even if they hadn't won the Best Band and the Best Song categories at the 2014 Malta Music Awards or any of the 8 awards they received before that, Red Electrick's commitment towards making quality music remains undisputed. At the core of the popular songs that have made them a household name is a band with a genuine love of music. Theirs is a sound collectively influenced by both the bluesy swagger of 70s rock and a more contemporary lilt that flaunts as much groove as it does grit, all delivered with an encompassing ray of Mediterranean sunshine that probably explains the upbeat feeling their music effortlessly projects.

The five-man band behind Red Electrick first fired up the Maltese airwaves with their bouncy debut single The End of it All and quite frankly, they haven't stopped since. Further proof is to be found not only on debut album Vine Lady, but also on the more recent singles The Runaway and Shake, both unshakeable indicators that the band is certainly not resting on its laurels but venturing into pastures new. Equally indicative is their Unplugged Sessions project - released both as a digital download and full DVD production - which apart from unveiling a different flavour to their music also captured their verve as a versatile performing act, now a proven trait that has established them as one of Malta's leading live acts whether they're plugged in or not.

Without a doubt Red Electrick is bigger than the sum of all its parts; five individuals with diverse tastes that somehow come together in a cohesive, flowing sound that references all of the inspirations behind it without sounding either too contrived or evocative of any of them. Their work to date is more than proof of this, and given the flurry of activity behind closed doors in recent months, the new album sounds like it's going to be an even bigger revelation than anything they've delivered so far!