Reg Meuross

  • Singer/Songwriter

About Reg Meuross

“A brilliant songwriter and true modern troubadour” said Mark Radcliffe when Reg Meuross played a live session on the BBC Radio 2 Folk Show. Appearances at art centres, music clubs and festivals the length and breadth of the UK as well as abroad (South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Spain and Portugal) and an award winning catalogue of highly acclaimed albums, have established Reg's songs as "the hinges upon which swing the doors of perceptive English folk" (Folkwords).  

Reg first emerged onto the UK acoustic music scene in the 1980s with The fast paced duo Panic Brothers, and has, over the years of touring and playing solo as well as with many other acclaimed artists, developed a style that as Pete Townshend says “allows the listener to embrace the whole breadth of his work over many years without distraction… he sings in the neutral accent of an Englishman who travels the entirety of the British Isles, and tastes all its flavours, influenced by all its most profound national colours. In this he reminds one of Roy Harper or Ewan McColl, recent greats who went before him.” 

He then went on to form the band The Flamingos which featured ex Graham Parker guitarist Martin Belmont, Bob Loveday from The Penguin Cafe Orchestra & Bob Geldof’s Band & Alison Jones of The Barely Works. In 1996 Reg decided to go solo, and the catalogue of 11 highly acclaimed albums he has released since then includes story songs which bring otherwise forgotten characters from history to life and songs of protest shining light on issues which should not be left in the dark alongside some of the most heart-achingly beautiful love songs ever written.

Reg has that rare gift of being able to touch people through his songs and performance, on a really human level. His words and music paint pictures that remain with the listener long after the song has been sung.