Richard Capener

  • Guitarist / Composer

About Richard Capener

Richard Capener is a virtuosic solo acoustic guitarist from the UK. Tall, red-haired, and sporting a long plaited beard, he cuts a striking figure, and for guitar aficionados and 'civilians' alike his playing will be just as impactful. One of the new breed of acoustic guitarists who slap, tap and bang on the guitar, Capener certainly has the skills, but manages to provide a performance with more than just technical merit. Playing with a combination of strumming, fingerstyle and tapping, peppered with harmonics and other tricks, Richard creates percussion, basslines and captivating "earworm" melodies – hooky tunes which get just as stuck in your mind as a pop song would.

2009’s debut solo album “River” received excellent response and acclaim from live crowds, fellow musicians and the music press. Richard is now performing extensively whilst working on a live EP and a new album.