Rob Ellis

  • Super 73

"The Vintage ICON V62 is an absolute workhorse. The high output overwound WOVB Wilkinson bridge pickup is a beast. The ICON V62 handles the pressure of my dual rig setup with ease, providing cutting trebles and great low end.”

About Rob Ellis

Rob Ellis is the guitarist/bass player for Super73, a 4 piece Alternative/Rock band, hailing from Leicester, UK.

On a tireless mission to create music that makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.  Since their inception, S73 have had the chance to support some amazing bands and artists such as Everclear, Arcane Roots, Attack! Attack!, Sonic Boom Six & more. 

The Debut EP from S73 "Remember.Bulletproof" was met with welcome reviews and helped to build S73, setting the tone for things to come.

Everyone's life has a soundtrack.

This is Super73.