Roy Fulton

  • Guitarist

About Roy Fulton

Roy Fulton, guitar player and tutor has and continues to have a long and quality career in music. He has played all manner of gigs from local venues to massive stages with audiences of 140,000 for over 40 years. From his role as sideman with well known bands/artists and studio sessions to fronting his own bands as a blues and rock guitarist of renowned calibre. He has also been the musical director of the house band for the Belfast Tattoo in the sell out Odyssey Arena with audiences of 7000 each show. 

In 2010 Roy opened for blues legend Robert Cray and received a major 'thumbs up' from the man himself. 

Roy Fulton
Photo by Marty Coney

Roy is also a worldwide recognised tutor with almost 3,000,000 views to date on his YouTube channel, which shows a varied display of live performances, recorded lessons and product demos. No stranger to the recording studio, Roy has released one live and three tutorial DVDs, all with enthusiastic and favourable reviews in major guitar magazines. And Roy's guitar instrumental 'Tribute to Roy Buchanan' attracted both the attention of and praise from Roy Buchanan's family!

Roy has been associated with JHS for over 20 years as a key player and more recently as an endorser of JHS products, including: Vintage Guitars, Fret-King Guitars & Pedals, Danelectro guitars, Xvive Pedals and Hughes & Kettner Amps. He loves the versatile selection, the quality, value for money and workmanship that goes into every instrument made by the British family owned company and is delighted to be part of the 'JHS family'.