Sean Radford

  • Guitarist

"My Vintage V62MRAB twangs with the best of 'em! The hardware is rock solid and lets me play in tune and stay in tune, and the pickups give me the power and clarity to cut through the mix. I need a guitar that combines classic looks and sounds with modern

About Sean Radford

Born in Seattle to a family of accomplished professional musicians that goes back several generations, Sean Radford received his first guitar at the age of five and never looked back. He learned to play gospel and blues at church as a young boy, and was wowing audiences with his chops before he was in his teens. By the time he finished high school he had already received endorsements from many guitar and amplifier companies and toured and recorded with his own bands as well as with other local artists. A student of all things musical, he studied Spanish guitar and jazz in college before moving to Europe to focus on performing. 

Eventually, he returned to the United States and after playing guitar with some of the Seattle area’s top acts and becoming an in-demand guitar teacher, he relocated to Florida to make a fresh start after many years of paying dues in the music industry. Currently, he is writing music for a variety of new projects as a solo artist and working on a new guitar instruction book/DVD, in addition to performing locally and nationally with country artist Amber Leigh. When he is not writing, recording, or performing, he teaches music lessons and offers consulting for private music teachers through his business, Radford Guitar.