Shane Cloutier

  • The Shane Cloutier Band

About Shane Cloutier

Hold a moment in his presence and you’ll know it’s a passion that runs deep. Music is in his blood. Originally from Orillia Ontario, singer songwriter Shane Cloutier first picked up a guitar at the age of 12 and never looked back. His uncle Brent was his initial enchantment, bringing him bands like Motorhead, Iron Maiden, and Ozzy Osbourne. He was hooked. Shane pursued his education in music in Toronto before finding his home in Collingwood, Ontario, Canada.

 Shane’s favourite guitar player of all time is Frank Marino. Fortuitously he was connected with Marino through a friend. As a result Marino has helped with production and engineering on several past projects. He really took Shane under his wing and has become his biggest mentor. In 2012 Cloutier put out his album ‘Scars’ for which he received national attention and a place in a movie soundtrack. The tracks on ‘Scars’ were recorded using Fret-King guitars. In 2015 Shane formed the band ‘Odd Clue’ with legendary bass player Mike Tilka (formerly of Max Webster). Odd Clue’s next album release is planned for January 2018. 

 Shane has pursued his dream in many incarnations, from bands to solo acts, in bars and auditoriums, studio recordings, and schools. Shane has taught within the education system as well as building his own successful and inspirational school for music, encouraging others to follow their dreams and make their own music all the while chasing his own. Now with many years immersed in the business, he brings experience, soul, and story to everything he creates. His latest work is a solo acoustic album in which he further challenges himself and pushes the notion of just what acoustic sound is capable of, you won’t want to miss this.