Steve Busby

  • BBZ Allstars

About Steve Busby

BBZ Allstars Band was formed in 2010 as the house band for Buckinghamshire guitar shop BBZGuitars Limited. The band has changed bass and drums personnel a few times over the years but the two main protagonists, guitarists and vocalists have been constant. Both Tony Dubinski and Steve Busby have an extensive collection of Vintage, Fret-King and Italia guitars and gig them exclusively with BBZ Allstars.

“We play an eclectic mix of Blues/Rock, Jazz and Fusion,” says Steve Busby, band leader, (guitars & vocals). “We’ve all been playing since the ‘70s in various bands and genres, when we got together it kind of came together and we now play a balance of BBZ ‘arranged’ covers, (known and obscure), and original songs.”

Mainly playing across the South of England, BBZ Allstars Band has made an EP CD entitled ‘Pronounced (\bee/\’bees/)’, on which all the guitars they chose to use were either Vintage brand or Fret-King.